The Test Environment Company

UG Systems develops test environments.With customised control and test systems, software solutions, programming
services and components, we provide reliable orientation in complex system landscapes.


We combine mechanics, electrics, electronics and software.You benefit from integrated test systems for electronic and mechatronic components. Over 150 of our test systems are currently in use worldwide, some of them in just-in-sequence production.

Software & Programming

Design, programming, commissioning and maintenance.Our comprehensive software solutions optimise the added value delivered in equipment, machinery and plant engineering through the reuse of software modules, short commissioning times and easy-to-understand user interfaces.

Ready to use Components

UG Systems offers well-engineered software and hardware.We have optimised and implemented different components from the hardware and software solutions developed specifically for customers in our project business over many years and the know-how collected in the process.

Our core areas of expertise

System integration, test automation, human-machine interaction, high-level language programming (C#, C++), bus systems (CAN, LIN, Flexray, ...), PC-based control solutions, PLC programming, LabVIEW programming, CANoe/CAPL programming, measured data processing, image processing,  ...