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Complete solutions for equipment, machinery and plant engineering

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UG SYSTEMS cultivates solutions. With passion. The benchmark for our software and programming is the unique nature of your requirements.

In equipment, machinery and plant engineering, up to 50% of the added value is provided by software functionalities. This added value is created during the actual design and configuration of the software in order to ensure simple maintenance and expandability at a later date.

The modular structure, the reuse of existing modules, the simple user interface and the use of standard technologies characterise our work. In combination with our design know-how and knowledge of high-level language and the expertise in all customary software tools, this provides the guarantee for your specific software solution at the highest level.

Innovative and professional

We provide the solution to meet your objective:

  • Recording your requirements
  • Coming up with ideas and concepts
  • Design and structuring
  • Implementation/programming
  • Testing and automatic verification
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance

An important element in the delivery of complex projects is to implement a simulation of components which are not yet available during the software development. As part of this, all interfaces (drives, sensors, cameras, …) are simulated as realistically as possible (movements, measured values, images, …). In addition to a shortened implementation and commissioning time, the existence of a simulation also makes it easier to maintain and update the software.