For electronic and
mechatronic components

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UG Systems cultivates solutions. With passion. The benchmark for our control and test systems is the unique nature of your product.

The testing of electronic and mechatronic client systems requires suitable activation, usually by means of a bus system, and stimulation of incoming information or the mechanics. The tests take place through signal processing, measured data processing and/or image processing and ideally they are implemented together with the activation in a software application.

In addition to software tools which are standard within industry, with Drive.Studio we have our own basic software which combines programming, functionality, interfaces and visualisation in one tool and can be used for all control and test assignments on a project-specific basis. You save costs, programming outlay as well as commissioning times and benefit from an efficient service and greater product security and reliability.

The entire package from one single source

The complete integration of mechanics, electrics, electronics, software, interfaces, measurement technology, image processing and drive technology allows us to design test systems which are specifically tailored to cater for your needs. In all system solutions, UG SYSTEMS pursues, with the modular structure, a simple user interface and the use of standard components, a consistent concept which makes it possible to offer the clients a reliable, high-quality and cost-efficient system.


End-of-line test systems (EOL)
Software-in-the-loop systems (SIL)
Hardware-in-the-loop systems (HIL)
Endurance test systems
Function test systems
Quality assurance systems
Configuration systems
Optical test systems (image processing systems)
Lighting test systems (spectroscopy)


These service units are quite impressing: DS.MOBILE and DS.STATION are the compact all-in-one solution for all your measuring, control and testing processes - designed for mobile application and for automated as well as simultaneous tests with several - and also varying - test objects.

You will benefit from the reliable and versatile development environment DRIVE.STUDIO no matter whether the mobile or the stationary version is concerned.